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 Francis-story of a Gnome and his best friend

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Francis-story of a Gnome and his best friend Empty
PostSubject: Francis-story of a Gnome and his best friend   Francis-story of a Gnome and his best friend EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 7:05 pm

Francis begins his story in a tired little village filled with mostly larger Humanoids, humans, elves half orcs, Dwarves (the usual mix). In his early years he was troubled by bullies, all day long whenever adults were not around, at a young age he became adept at hiding using his small size to his advantage. One day walking to his home he was trapped as bullies tend to do, his power began to manifest, first for a small time he became larger and grew to a normal size, unfortaunatly out of jealousy, and spite the bulllies redoubled their effors to mash his face into the ground, (victims weren't supposed to fight back). The next episode of his future manifesting was another day the bullies had him cornered and with a thought of help summoned a small rat to help defend him. After a loud chorus of laughter and much stomping the boys finished the rat off and threatened to make francis eat the dead animal, unfortunatly for francis there was no body left behind, and the bullies had to make do with the steaming warm leavings of a pony.
Eventually Francis mastered his new found powers in private, and asking questions of his elders, carefull not to reveal his secret friend, and newfound abilities.

... to be continued when someone posts something usefull for tying in the stories
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Francis-story of a Gnome and his best friend
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