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 Luciaa (Jon)

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Luciaa Garess

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 pounds
Sex: Male
Age: 54

Luciaa was Born to one of three Elvin sisters which carried his half brothers, all of which to the same father. A bastard child to a noble house he was effectively cut off from all access to money while being expected to fit into a high society life style. He came up to an effective if less than legal solution, he would learn to steal it. Their was a problem that he found with his master plan to be a thief... He was bad at it. Instead of studying the art of thievery he selected the less obvious solution of embracing his rage against society.
after all it is hard to resist a thief that can break your neck with his thumb if you are unlucky enough to realize you are being robbed. Recently, the magistrate of the town caught him stealing, this lead to the awkward scenario of the magistrate trying to press charges on someone technically above his social rank. The town royalty decided on an alternate course of punishment, effective banishment by "promoting" Luciaa to carry on with "bringing to the crown" to the greenlands, a barely populated hellhole, effectively removing him and his brothers from the area, as the local royalty were increasingly seeing them as bad eggs they saw this as removing a potential rival family of royalty as well as potentially seeing a return if they actually do manage to succeed in their fool hardy endeavor.
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Luciaa (Jon)
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