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  Grom Garrosh Ranger

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Grom Garrosh

Grom Garrosh

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PostSubject: Grom Garrosh Ranger    Grom Garrosh Ranger EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 3:04 am

Name: Grom Garrosh Ranger Lv 4
Race: Half-Orc
Place of Birth: The wilds. Specfic point unknown.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Green
Hair: Short Black Hair decorates the top of his head and barely covers his ears.
Body Build: Atheltic

Fighting Style: Grom is a short to mid range fighter. Keeping a vairity of weapons on him for many purposes prefering to go with reach weapons at first and switching to his Orc Double-Axe for hand to hand combat.

Personality/Behavior: Calm and collected, even in battle unlike most Orcs he was taught to think. Even so he still prefers using brute force but never to relay on it.

History/Motivation : Grom's adoptive father found the young orc as a mere infant out in the wilds. The how and the circumstances he never shared with his son. His father was a follower of Caydian Calidean and his Mother a Druid of Desa. Both of them full of wander lust sometimes seperating from each other for years sometimes but eventually they would meet back up. For the most part Grom spent those years with his father and learning the land as a ranger would.

Growing up though the two parents saw a rare talent or rather a complusion that seemed unusually for an Orc to possess. Young Grom would steal his mothers parchments she used to make scrolls and would draw on them during the night to create maps and draw pictures of animals that he saw and write down notes on them. It was a compulsion they decided to encourage him.

Grom's father worked for a few nobles in his life working as a scout and leader of the army into dangerious areas against bandits or other threats. One of his notible contacts was with House Garess. Once his father parted from him when he came of age he gave Grom a reccomendation and told Howlan Garess that his son would take over his duties for him here. One such duty was providing the old maps he made of the green belt when he was a young boy to the party and to be sent ahead to act as back up and a future scout of his own accord for the party.

Grom grew up mostly in the wildness and his wanderlust is great just like his parents. Though the key difference is that he seeks to map the unexplored, to help make maps and study the animals as he enjoys talking to those that are willing to speak and tell him about themselves. He does this to make things safter for everyone to explore and go see the rest of the world as Lady Desa and Caydian Caldiean would enjoy and he enjoy's it as well to make the maps and sells them for low prices usually just to get the info out there.

Traits- Adopted- Celestrail Tracker

Feats- Keen Scent, Boon Animal, Quick Draw,
Endurance, Two WF,

Str 22
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 10


Weapons of choice: Axe, Orc Double 1d8/1d8S x3, double 15 lbs
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Grom Garrosh Ranger
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