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 Isidore Beautrelet, Dwarven Cleric

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Isidore Beautrelet, Dwarven Cleric Empty
PostSubject: Isidore Beautrelet, Dwarven Cleric   Isidore Beautrelet, Dwarven Cleric EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 10:32 pm

Name: Isidore Beautrelet

Level: 4

Race: Dwarf

Place of Birth: Highdelve

Gender: Male

Nationality: Brevan

Age: 161

Height: 4'1"

Weight: 206lbs.

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Well Tanned

Hair: Shaved

Hair Color: Brown

Piercing or Tattoos: Garess Family crest with 2 red dragons above on right shoulder blade. Holy Symbol of Sarenrae on left shoulder.

Fighting Style: Flailing about randomly

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Calm and Collected


Str 12

Dex 12

Con 14

Int 10

Wis 18

Cha 14

Magic: Healing/Beneficial/Crowd Control

Weapons of choice: Beat up Scimitar given to him upon completing his clerical training

Selective Channeling - Choose who to affect with Channel Energy
Heavy Armor Proficiency

History: Born in Highdelve, one of the human settlements of in the Golushkin Mountains, to a retired army commander and a priestess of Sarenrae. As he got older, it was always a fight between his parents what he would do with his life with eventually his mother winning out and him going off to train as a cleric. However, not wanting to disappoint his father, he was able to join with a group of clerics attached to the Brevan army where he was able to fulfill his mothers wishes of becoming a cleric of Sarenrae and was able to somewhat follow in his father's footsteps. After a long and distinguished career in the army he decided to settle in his home town and become one of the cities many healers, teachers, and clergymen. After 20 years of the city life, he took it as a great relief when four of his students appeared on his doorstep with an opportunity for some more adventure, which he gladly accepted.

Miscellaneous: Every morning while preparing his spells he performs stretches and swordplay meditation as a way of clearing his mind and deciding which spells he will need for the day.

Timeline(more for my own use to keep things straight):
0 - Born in Highdelve
18 - Leaves home to train as a Cleric with the battle clerics of the Brevan army. As a way of determining his level of commitment, his teachers require him to wear a set of full plate whenever they are teaching him.
30 - Finishes training and officially joins the army, advancing relatively quickly.
75 - Becomes the leader of the cleric group following the army and begins recruiting as many clerics as he can. Eventually he is able to implement his plan of attaching a cleric to each platoon in the army who is then responsible for training select soldiers in first aid. This action reduces combat fatalities by 20% and recovery time for less sever injuries by half.
141 - Figuring 111 years is a good number to end on, he decides to settle in Highdelve and joins the local Church.
161 - The Bastards approach him with the opportunity to go forth and recover The Stolen Lands in the name of Brevoy.
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Isidore Beautrelet, Dwarven Cleric
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