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PostSubject: Other Races   Other Races EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 9:13 am

I was waiting to post this but since Azutoth asked I'll point it out now. I will make races that you come across and if you befriend them and such or make treaties or other such story options open up to you. Since the group succesfully made peace and conscripted the Kobolds Tribe into their area you will be able to access the Kobold race class. However before you can use them fully you must A-make the space that has the Kobold Tribe in it part of the Kingdom and B-Make sure they stay safe till their numbers are replenished.

Some quick stuff in response to your question as well. Kolbolds are dragon people, but a much lesser brand. I suppose the best way to put it is DragonFolk/DragonKin are like apes and Kobolds are more like monkeys if that analogy works for you. All the other races are of course on that Pathfinder Wiki I pointed out but as always I will link it out to you guys.

I should also mention that Undine is another race that is open down the line hopefully. Given that Grom Sister is an Undine herself. Please check out her bio in the characters of the world section. I should also mention that Spell Casters take the most effort to make as NPC's....
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Other Races
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