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 Three things from last session

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Three things from last session Empty
PostSubject: Three things from last session   Three things from last session EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 12:30 am

1st thing- You guys aren't deafened anymore. A thunderstone is like a flashbang without the flash. The deafening only lasts for about an hour.

2nd Thing- I don't know if you guys just forget in the crazyness of muder! But you found your linguist who could've possible translated the script on the walls of that tomb you went into but didn't take him their. Their wasn't even a conversation about it.

3rd Thing- Come on guys, we only meet once a month right now. Can we at least try and get their on time around 10-11 AM and be their to play. I mean in previous session we've gotten weeks of work done in game time, in this one, we barely got through 5 days worth of game time.

Not asking for us to be all serious gamers, but at least some focus would be good.
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Three things from last session
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