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 New building avalible!

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New building avalible! Empty
PostSubject: New building avalible!   New building avalible! EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 11:41 pm

Aldori dueling sword School 65 BP

4 Block occupying building: prerequisite (Arena built in City)(Jamandi Aldori Friendly with PC's)— The PC's gain a bonus feat. They may take the Exotic Weapon Profercioncy (Aldori Dueling Sword) or they can take the Sword Scion trait but apply it to any one handed sword like weapon you wield and apply it to damage rolls.

The school provides an excellent place to provide combat lessons to all who want it or are talented enough. Thus people from the nearby kingdoms will come here giving you a population boast as provided down below, but not only that it will provide your solders a bonus to combat as well as provided below in def mod. Though for the leadership feat you get a +2 to your score or consider the other followers behind you as Herioc NPC's when making them as long as their Experts, warriors, or Aristocrat.

Finally the PC's may ignore one prerequisite for a dueling type feat or prestige class. I know this is very subjective so I'll try and give some examples. If you have any questions if this qualifies then of course you should feel free to ask.

Example- if you wanted to go into Duelist you could ignore the prerequisite BAB +6 that is required or if you wanted a Swordlord Prestige class you could ignore one of the skill rank requirements. Etc.

So things confirmed-

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Feats that require Weapon finesse as a prerequisite.

Loyalty+6; Stability+3 ; Defense Mod +10 Population +250

Also as a bonus Jamandi gives out a pair of swords from her collection at the founding of a school. So if you give proper credit to her she'll give you one of a pair of swords that she has to be passed down through the school, but the PC's should feel free to use it in their adventure if they want. The PC's should feel free to pick from one of them. The other one will end up in your sister city to east in Varnhold where another school is being set up.

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New building avalible!
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