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 Jelly Fish Powers Laid out

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PostSubject: Jelly Fish Powers Laid out   Jelly Fish Powers Laid out EmptyThu Jul 04, 2013 8:51 pm

Francis- As the cells have advanced in your body you can start to feel the call of the ether of the plane that Fluffy hails from. You can see that build up of energy in your body as you became more and more of a conduit for this energy and due to your own magical research have come to fully figure out what your Evolutionist summoning and the way a Summon uses his evolution points.

You can change your eidolon’s evolutions by inscribing a magical tattoo on your body. This magical tattoo/words of power are what you channel your magic through when you summon Fluffy every day. When you summon Fluffy the tattoo disappears. Each Tattoo represents research you've done and represent a unique Fluffy of how you imbue him with power in this world. So you can't mutate him every day. You have to have a saved Fluffy via your magical work.

To save the eidolon new form and inscribe it on your body, the evolutionist must perform an arcane ritual that requires 5 days of uninterrupted work and concentration and costs 200 gp per summoner level in material components.

You can store a number of Tattoo's of Fluffy on you of your CL/3 +1 the one being his original form.

You can also shift Fluffy into one of his saved forms by expending one of your highest level magic spells and one use of your Summon Monster I spell like abilities with your one minute incantation that allows you to summon Fluffy when he's already summoned.

You can shift Fluffy in Combat into one of his saved forms by expending spells equal to double the maxim spell level of your highest level magic spells and use two of your Summon Monster I spell like abilities. Ex- If your highest Level spell is 5 then you must burn Two Lv 5 spell for the day, or could be 10 level one spell for the day.

This is a full round spell and leaves Fluffy with only a standard or a move action on that turn.

Damage is carried over. So take the difference between his current health and his max and subtract that from the new Fluffy's hit points if theirs a difference in max health.

Isiodore- Your eyes have been advanced combined with your divine powers.

You Gain Low-Light along with your Dark vision. Along with an ability to Divine a bit with Augury as a spell-like ability.

You can also see for lack of a better word the Aura of a person. Each Aura is only visible during times they are affected by magic, poisons, diseases, and other stuff.

Basically you see their Aura's and can see their Status so Feel free to picture over your parties Head Their HP and whether their poisoned or charmed like you would in a Video Game.

The effects that you see can only be identifiable if your familiar with the condition at a glance. Otherwise you'll have to take a turn in combat to try and figure it out.

However one effect that's been quite clear is a slight premonition effect what one might call the shadow of death effect. If a persons future or destiny is about to run out you can see a slight shadow covering their auras. This can be altered as you've found with Sepeko with the snake lady and his shadow of death hanging over him. This shadow could be best described as Phantasma's servants gathering to collect the persons soul.

Grimm-You are able to harness your Ki more effectively and have achieved a greater sense with your senses. You gain an additional half to your Ki Points. Ex- You have 12 ki add 6 more to it.

By using One Ki-Point you can switch your Dark vision out for any other vision. Including but not limited to- Low-Light, Tremor Sense, Blind fighting, scent.

No matter what vision you are using you have Ubiquitous Vision

Ubiquitous Vision- You have metaphoric “eyes in the back of your head,” and on the sides and top as well, granting you benefits in specific situations. In effect, you have a 360-degree sphere of sight, allowing you a perfect view of creatures that might otherwise flank you. Thus, flanking opponents gain no bonus on their attack rolls. As an immediate action you can deny rogues their sneak attack ability by spending one Ki-Point (but they may still sneak attack you if you are caught flat-footed). Your vision-based Perception checks gain a +4 enhancement bonus. Concurrently, you take a –4 penalty on saves against all gaze attacks.

Calo- Your affinty with the natural world of creatures and training them has affected you.

Senses: An animal lord gains the senses of both the base creature and the base animal in both of its forms.
AC: An animal lord gains the base animal or base creature's natural armor bonus, whichever is higher, in both of its forms
Defensive Abilities: An animal lord gains DR 10/silver. It also gains all of the base animal's defensive abilities in both of its forms.
Melee: An animal lord in humanoid form can instantaneously transform parts of its body to make all of the natural attacks possessed by the base animal.
Special Attacks: An animal lord gains all of the special attacks possessed by the base animal and can employ them in both humanoid and animal form. It also gains abilities determined by its species affinity (see below).
Ability Scores: Animal lords use one of the higher ability score between the base creature and the base animal as their base ability scores, then increase that  ability scores by +4. When within 10 feet of the animal.
Skills: An animal lord gains all of the base animal's racial modifiers to skill checks.
Special Qualities: An animal lord gains the following special qualities.

Dominion (Su)  In both forms, an animal lord is treated as if constantly under the effects of a speak with animals spell, but this only applies to creatures of the animal lord's species affinity (see below). In addition, any animal of its affinity is treated as friendly when using Wild Empathy or Diplomacy

By performing a 24-hour ritual you can attune yourself to your mount and gain some of it's strength. They are listed below

Bear Lord (Grizzly Bear): Bear lords have broad shoulders, sharp teeth, and thick fingers. Bear lords gain the following additional ability. Bear Hug (Ex)  A bear lord deals +1d6 extra points of damage when it makes a grapple check to damage a creature.  

Canine Lord (Dog, Hyena, Wolf): Canine lords are hirsute, have pronounced canines, and have slightly pointed ears. Canine lords gain the following additional ability. Savage (Ex)  A canine lord deals +1d6 extra points of damage on its first attack in a round against a prone opponent.  

Cat Lord (Leopard, Lion, Tiger): Cat lords move with a fluid agility, and have slender bodies and catlike eyes. Cat lords gain the following additional ability. Leap (Ex)  A cat lord adds half its Hit Dice to all Acrobatics checks made to jump, and is always treated as if it had a running start when jumping.  

Crocodile Lord (Crocodile): Crocodile lords have reptilian eyes, sharp teeth, and a scaly ridge along the spine. Crocodile lords gain the following additional ability. Thick Skin (Ex)  A crocodile lord's base natural armor bonus improves by an additional +2 in both of its forms.  

Dinosaur Lord (Deinonychus, Tyrannosaurus): A dinosaur lord tends to have sharp teeth, scaly skin, and a booming voice. Dinosaur lords gain the following additional ability. Primeval Mind (Ex)  A dinosaur lord is immune to charm effects and gains a +2 bonus on all Will saves.  

Horse Lord (Horse or Unicorn): Powerful Charge (Ex) A horse and rider gains a +4 bonus on damage rolls if it charges.

Raptor Lord (Eagle, Falcon): Raptor lords have feathery-looking and brightly colored hair, wide searching eyes, and aquiline noses. Raptor lords gain the following additional ability.
Raptor's Dive (Ex)  A raptor lord deals double damage with any charge that starts 10 or more feet above its target.  If using a lance according to pathfinder rules you can't double, a double, so move lance modifier on charge up one.

Rat Lord (Giant Rat): Rat lords have pointed chins and pointed ears, and move with quick, jittery motions. Rat lords gain the following additional ability. Hearty (Ex)  Rat lords are immune to disease and gain a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saves.  

Shark Lord (Shark): Shark lords have black eyes, pale skin, sharp teeth, and little to no body hair. They gain the following additional ability. Brutal Jaws (Ex)  A shark lord's bite attack causes bleed (1d6).  Serpent Lord (Snake): Serpent lords tend to have unusual skin colors, often with stripes or other patterns), snakelike eyes, and forked tongues. Serpent lords gain the following ability. Poison Immunity (Ex)  Serpent lords are immune to poison.

For any creature that you don't know where it fits or is listed talk to me and I will try and come up with one.

As with New Buildings I reserve the right to say these are all Beta and I can change them if they became far too disruptive.
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Jelly Fish Powers Laid out
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