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 Doland Reconcile

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PostSubject: Doland Reconcile   Doland Reconcile EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 12:45 am

In the room before you lays Doland Frond. His body having been cleaned up a bit by the priests of the church and preserved perfectly thanks to the gentle repose spell. His body lawn out as the preparations are made.

The spell ready and cast as the mans eyes open once again but glow with the dull light of his soul once again briefly touching his body. His eyes looking forward and looking around the room at the people that are here and that speak to him once again.

Before hand the arrangements are made and the rules quite clear 7 questions. You have 7 questions to ask Doland before you will get another seven to ask and maybe not even that depending on the spirit and if he was truly corrupt he might fight you on every single question you ask.

But what choice do you have, he could have valuable information on Pitax and even more then that, information valuable to Calo himself and the image he held of the man. So ask away.

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Doland Reconcile
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